I'm Lucas Arbiza.

I'm a husband, network engineer and "learning" photographer.

Here I post about my network studies, reasearch and development. Soon I'll post my shots.

More about me below.

About me

I was born and raised in the South of Brazil; now I'm moving with my wife to Warsaw, Poland, to live/settle down and work.

I've worked mainly with network infrastructure and routing and switching protocols for the last 7 years.

... and about this

Qui scribit bis legit.

For now, this website has some technical posts detailing things I've studied, developed, or just tried out. I write aiming to fix things in my memory (Qui scribit bis legit/Who writes reads twice); when it doesn't work, at least I end up having a quick technical reference written by my own.

Shortly (I hope it be soon) there will be a section dedicated to my photography hobby where I'll post my shots and histories behind them.


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