My CCNA R&S Studies

Last week (August 2nd, 2017) I tried CCNA exam for the first time; I am not surprised I didn’t pass because I am aware of my weakness in tests, especially in multi-selection ones; some of my past experiences make me believe it. I am pretty sure I have more skills than CCNA requires, my professional experience and the things I have already done/planned/configured are the basis of my confidence.

So, why am I spending a considerable amount of money and time trying to get certified? It is important to my career, for future opportunities. Resumés containing certifications stand out, so I am playing according to the market’s rules.

I will make some posts with the notes of my studies to memorize as much as I can for my next try.

Follow the links to the posts I wrote covering some topics of the CCNA 200-125 (2017) blueprint:


On August 11th, I passed the CCNA R&S exam. Unfortunately, I wrote only one article: ACL.

Now I’m focused on CCNP Route exam, and I have written some more articles. Check it out here.

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